Old Town Mostar


Old Town Mostar

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Mostar’s Old Town is interesting for its lively narrow streets. There are a lot of catering facilities in it and handicraft shops with an array of traditional goods offered. The Old Bridge is the gem of Mostar. 
The Old Bridge in Mostar is the symbol of the City of Mostar and it was built in 1566. It's a one-arch construction that bonds the left to the right bank of the river Neretva. The span of the arch is 28,7 meters long, and the height is 21 meters from the summer water level. A High-altitude diving competition is held here every year in July. It has been introduced on the UNESCO's list of world heritage in 2005. By coming to the Old Bridge, you will enjoy a memorable view of the Neretva river and the surrounding antiquities.
In the Old Town there are a lot of cultural-historical and religious buildings such as the Old Bridge, the Crooked Bridge, Tabačica Mosque, Koski Mehmed- Pasha’s Mosque, Tara and Halebija towers, etc.