Herzegovina sack cheese


Herzegovina sack cheese

It is a cheese made from sheep, cow or goat milk, which matures in the sacks made of sheep skin. It is an ingenious system for storage and transport of a perishable food product, and a way not to waste any part of the slaughtered animal.
Even if there were no documents to prove the hypothesis about the Illyrians, it is definitely known that since 1300, every late summer, the people of Dubrovnik have been eagerly waiting for the shepherds, i.e. Herzegovina merchants to come, so that they can buy meat and sack cheese from them.

Sack cheese, due to its features cannot be produced industrially, and in 2006 it has entered the international Slow Food scene and continues to be a shining example of home-made product from the Nevesinje area where it is produced by local family firms.




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