Andrija d.o.o.


Andrija d.o.o.

The true beauty of wines in general and of Andrija’s wines can not be discovered by reading their description but only by tasting and moderate drinking. In order to live that experience, come to the family ANDRIJA CELLARS in the vicinity of the Shrine of the Queen of Peace in Međugorje.

On the Brotnjo platform in the vineyards of the picturesque Paoča, the two famous Herzegovina grape varieties, the white Žilavka and the red Blatina, found a suitable environment, plenty of sun, and diligent hands.

It’s exactly in this family atmosphere of the cellar of Andrija Ćorić that the grapes are turned into wine and high quality wines of these varieties cherished.

Continuing the family tradition, the family of Andrija Ćorić have decided to build up a new cellar in Paoča with a capacity reaching a level of half a million.

It is a real pleasure to visit the vineyards as well as the old and the new cellars.


General info

Winemaker name: 
Miroslav Ćorić
High quality wines: Žilavka Andrija, Blatina Andrija od 0,2 l i 0,75 l, Žilavka Barique, Rosse Barique, Blatina Barique od 0,75 l. High quality wines: Žilavka, Blatina, Rosse od 0,75 l i 1 l.
Vineyard area: 
800 000m2
Tasting room: 

Capacity 60 persons.

Other products: 
Wine liqueur Andrija 0,375 l, Grapevine brandy Andrija 0,75 & 1 l.


Street and number: 
+387 (0)36 644 102


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